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Neuron Connect uses patent pending artificial intelligence algorithms to search the US Patent Database, using information collected and formed through a dialog of questions and the answers you provide.

You can give straight forward plain English answers to the questions, and the system converts your responses in to complex queries that are then run against data from the USPTO.

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Your search for an attorney compares documents on the basis or ideas, not words.

Trained over several years the algorithm poured through thousands of data sets. The AI search engine learned to recognize the textual relationships that describe scientific concepts and when it matches data that closely resembles the information you provided, it ranks the data and extracts relevant attorney information from the filed patents, for your considerations. No other semantic search engine has access to Neuron Connects innovative technical dictionary.

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When the Neuron Connect algorithms search through the USPTO database, and notice a large amount of prior art pertaining to the idea you’ve outlined, the system will make suggestions about possibly refining your idea and performing the search again.

This simple prior art search can save you time and money before you even approach an attorney about a patent.

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The AI will also determine possible conflicts of interest that an attorney may have making them ineligible to work your invention, and will remove those attorneys from ever being presented for your consideration.


Neuron Connect - AI Conflict and Prior Art Process