Neuron Connect - Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

The process of getting a patent is both complex and expensive. A patent can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. You want to make sure the attorney that is helping you through the process is both competent and fits your specific needs and personality.

Patent Attorneys are specialized

The world of intellectual property law is a highly specialized field. A patent attorney needs to go to law school, take the State bar, then take the federal Patent Bar. They also need to have a specialized science background. Patent Attorney is the only type of attorney that requires specialization. As a result there’s a lot less patent attorneys then lawyers in other fields like criminal law.

You want to make sure given this very focused profession that you are buying time from the right lawyer, and that they’ll understand your invention and fit your financial ability to cover cost.

Patents are complex

Reading prior art that is related to your invention can be confusing. While it may seem identical to your own invention, in reality many times it is not 100% identical and a few modification to your own idea can deal with previous art. A good attorney will know how to write such claims.

The application creation is both complicated, time consuming and formidable. There is a strict format the application must be created in. There needs to be detailed figures and drawings. Your claims need to start broad, but then narrow down, this can be exceptionally challenging and requires a high amount of skill and knowhow from your attorney.

Ultimately you need your attorney to create a patent application that avoids infringement but provide you the protection you need for your invention. Neuron Connect finds attorneys that have proven they produce patent applications that will pass review at the USPTO.

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Office actions are time consuming

When your patent attorney submits your patent application to the USPTO, in return your attorney is going to receive a list of patents the examiner feels demonstrates prior art. It will then be your attorneys job to argue how your invention is different. Neuron Connects search process takes this prior art in to consideration when it matches you with an attorney. A lawyer that has worked on similar patents will be well versed in the prior art of the industry and will not need to spend as much time on office actions, thus saving you money.